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Dosist Sleep CBD:CBN Blackberry Lavender Gummies | 25mg

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What is it:

The sleep dosist health gummy delivers a precise blend of sleep-promoting CBD & CBN cannabinoids, L-theanine, and magnesium in a high-concentration formula to help encourage sleep and restfulness. Our vegan sleep gummy is made with natural blackberry and lavender flavors and features our innovative nanoblend™ technology to increase bioavailability, absorption, and faster onset.


Each tin contains 30 Fast-Acting Gummies.   Sold in 8 Count Case Packs*

Each Pouch contains 5 Fast-Acting Gummies. Sold in 12 Count Case Packs*

Good for:
Help with relaxation and falling asleep. 

How to use:
Our gummies come in a child-resistant tin. To open, firmly press down on the top of the tin with a flat palm and turn the lid to the left. We suggest a single dose (1 gummy) and waiting two hours to gauge the effect before taking another dose. 


Supplement facts:
Calories per serving: 9
Sugar 1.9g

Tin Strengths:

Total cannabinoid content


cbd to cbn ratio

cbd: 750mg : cbn: 75mg

 Pouch Strengths: 


Total cannabinoid content


cbd to cbn ratio

cbd: 125mg : cbn: 12.5mg

Lab Reports

5 Count Pouch Lab Report
30 Count Tin Lab Report


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joyce W.

I am able to do my bedtime routine and then I go to sleep.

Nora P.
Sleep gummies are amazing!

I found out about these from a friend and I love them. Melatonin didn’t help and other supplements would make me groggy. This product helps me to get restorative sleep.

Lina A.

Nice flavor. Easy to use. Good results.

Cynthia B.
The answer to prayer

I have been a troubled sleeper all my adult life. Usually wake up at 3 am and my mind starts racing and worrying…no sleep after that. The sleep gummies from dosist help calm my mind and, while I may still wake up, I go back to sleep. Also has helped with my RLS