What is Seamless Technology?

What is Seamless Technology?

This innovative method eliminates seams and stitches from clothing. The clothes are made using a programmable circular knitting machine.

Using instructions from the computer, the machine knits together yarns and fibers to produce clothing.

Due to the elimination of cutting and sewing, this method is more environmentally friendly than conventional methods.


A step-by-step guide to seamless technology.

Let's start with your needles. They are knitted together by independent strands of varying lengths. There is a camera on the needles that helps them navigate.

You then have a feeder that ensures the fibers are fed at the optimal speed. By doing so, the process will remain consistent and time-saving.

Last but not least, you have a sinker, which acts as a bridge between the feeders and the needles. To create a neat stitch, fibers are pulled from the feeders and held in place by this part of the machine.

Using seamless technology speeds up the manufacturing process of clothes. In addition, these machines support a wide variety of fibers and yarns, so the possibilities are endless. Also, they can create different thicknesses, textures, and designs.

Because of the cutting-edge technology, conventional methods can’t match the precision and accuracy of a circular knitting machine.

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